What About 30A?


Scenic Highway 30A

There are several beach communities along the 30A route. Scenic Highway 30A is about a twenty mile stretch of road nestled between Destin and Panama City, Fl. Each little beach community has it’s own appeal. It draws people from all over the world to call 30A their home. The most amazing and beautiful architecture embodies 30A.  As much as the white beaches and emerald waters.

Paddle Boarding

Locals and tourist alike in the 30A area have a hobby they enjoy, paddle boarding.  For beginners that prefer a more calm and relaxed place to paddle board. Western Lake is the right place for you. The Boathouse Paddle Club is right on the edge of Western Lake. This is a great place to rent stand up paddle boards and if a beginner they will set you up for a lesson. They also offer various eco-tours such as Kayak Tour and Hiking.

Don’t Forget Your Bike

Why miss all the amazing scenery stuck in your car when you can get out and ride. Highway 30A has Timpoochee Trail a 19 mile paved bike path that all bike lovers are sure to love. Timpoochee Trail is named after an influential Euchee Indian Chief. If you didn’t bring a bike or don’t have one. No worries 30 A has several places that rent or sell bikes and gear. What are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy the sun, the breeze and all that 30A has to offer.

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