PCB, FL Average Temperatures

Panama City Beach, FL is one of the top destinations for tourist due to our beautiful, white sandy beaches and amazing emerald waters which help make this area famous. The weather is amazing most of the time, although we do have some periods of rain that seems to never stop. Of course it does and then sun comes out again. See the info below for the average temperatures and rainfall for this area. As you will see, we have stunning weather most of the year and that is why so many people LOVE to visit Panama City Beach, FL and call the Emerald Coast their home away from home.


Yearly Average Temperatures for Panama City Beach, FL

Month Temp. (min) Temp. (max) Temp. (avg) Precipitation
January 30°F 70°F 55°F 5.74 inches
February 41°F 74°F 54°F 4.71 inches
March 39°F 76°F 63°F 6.22 inches
April 41°F 82°F 66°F 3.73 inches
May 53°F 84°F 73°F 3.86 inches
June 65°F 92°F 79°F 6.01 inches
July 71°F 91°F 82°F 8.74 inches
August 73°F 92°F 84°F 7.52 inches
September 67°F 92°F 80°F 6.14 inches
October 55°F 88°F 71°F 3.50 inches
November 47°F 80°F 61°F 4.53 inches
December 40°F 73°F 56°F 4.06 inches


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